Information For Librarians

We strongly encourage research librarians to include our journal in their esteemed library's electronic journal collection. By listing our journal, you provide your patrons with valuable access to cutting-edge research and scholarly works in their field of study.

Furthermore, we take pride in utilizing an open-source publishing system, specifically the widely acclaimed Open Journal Systems (OJS). This system not only ensures seamless publication workflows but also offers libraries the opportunity to host our journal's platform. This hosting capability enables faculty members associated with the library to efficiently manage and edit journals they are involved in, fostering a collaborative and efficient publishing environment.

By leveraging the power of Open Journal Systems, libraries can effectively support faculty members in their editorial endeavors while enhancing the accessibility and visibility of their journals. The system's robust features and user-friendly interface empower editors to streamline the publishing process, ensuring a seamless and rewarding experience for all stakeholders.

We invite research librarians to explore the possibilities that our journal, integrated with Open Journal Systems, offers to their esteemed institutions. By including our journal in your collection and harnessing the capabilities of this cutting-edge publishing system, you contribute to the advancement of scholarly communication and facilitate the dissemination of knowledge within your academic community.

Join us in embracing innovative publishing practices and empower your faculty members to make significant contributions to their respective fields. Together, we can propel scientific discovery and academic collaboration to new heights.