Information For Librarians

We strongly encourage research and academic librarians to include our esteemed journal in their library's collection of electronic journals. By adding our journal to their holdings, libraries can provide valuable access to cutting-edge research in the field of pharmacy and alternative medicine to their patrons, supporting academic excellence and promoting the dissemination of knowledge.

Furthermore, we are proud to highlight that our journal employs an open-source publishing system that is particularly suitable for libraries to host. This system, known as Open Journal Systems, offers a robust and user-friendly platform for hosting journals edited by faculty members. It provides a seamless publishing experience, empowering faculty members to efficiently manage the editorial process of their respective journals.

By embracing our open-source publishing system, libraries can actively support faculty engagement and scholarly collaboration within their institution. This collaborative approach fosters a rich academic environment, encourages interdisciplinary research, and enhances the visibility and impact of faculty-driven journals.

We invite research librarians to consider the immense value and potential impact of including our journal in their electronic holdings, as well as exploring the possibilities offered by our open-source publishing system. Together, we can forge stronger connections between academia, libraries, and the research community, furthering the progress and innovation in pharmacy and alternative medicine.